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About Us

InfectoLab-Americas is a newly established laboratory located in Oakdale, Minnesota. We specialize in comprehensive lab testing for tick borne infections and the necessary tools that assist Health Care Practitioners for the diagnosis of tick borne diseases. 



Our goal is to provide unparalleled laboratory 

service throughout the United States. We strive to 

engage with doctors, patients, and interested 

individuals creating close contact, discussion and 

support networks important for those suffering 

from a, seemingly, isolating disease. 

Our focus is quality laboratory performance to ensure superior sample throughput from 

short sample shipping time to rapid turn-

around time while assuring the most 

accurate laboratory results. 

The Process

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Our Tests

Lyme Spot Testing

InfectoLab Americas uses unique, cutting-edge, Lyme ELISPOT assay technology to provide 

information about T-cell activity concerning Borrelia infections and chronic inflammation. The 

test works by isolating your immune cells and stimulating them with specific antigens purified 

from US Borrelia burgdorferi strains and a peptide library using sequences from multiple 

Borrelia strains along with a general inflammation marker. 

Checking multiple sets of antigens independently will give a greater confidence in the test results. 

The test is designed to identify Borrelia specific T cell responses by measuring two sets of cytokines 

that are associated with different types of T cell activity giving information about the disease 

activity during treatment.

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Two Tier Testing

CD 57

Two-tier testing is the two-step process currently recommended by the CDC for the detection of antibodies against the disease-causing bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, in Lyme Disease. The first step involves the ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay) which tests for presence of  antibodies against Borrelia . The second step involves a “Western blot” which similarly uses your antibodies to recognize Borrelia and other markers to narrow down what type of infection you may have or have had. 

CD 57 is a surface marker on some lymphocytes (white blood cells) that’s frequencies have been correlated with clinical prognosis in chronic infections (Kared 2016). More specifically, positive CD57 natural killer (NK) cells have been seen at a lower frequency in patients suffering from chronic disease. Testing CD57 in conjunction with other testing methods symptoms provides information that could aid doctors in determining the stage or progression of the illness as well as treatment progress. 

Normal CD57 results do not rule out Lyme disease and abnormal results do not necessarily confirm Lyme disease. However, CD57 testing in conjunction with treatment could point towards functional treatment of Lyme disease or other infections.

Each of these tests has two components for determining the type of infection whether it is 

current or a past infection using Subclasses of antibodies. IgM antibodies are build fairly quickly after exposure to foreign antigens and it is followed later by antigen specific IgG antibodies. IgM subclass is thought of to be a quick way of aiding the body fight an infection and giving the body time to develop a more specific antibody response in form of the IgG subclass.

IgM is shown to be positive if you have had a recent or active infection that your body is 

currently trying to fight off. While IgG is generally shown to be positive if an infection is 

currently fought or it was in the past.

We provide:

Natural Killer Cell monitoring tool for chronic infections

Seeking antibody responses in Two Tier Testing: ELISA IgM/IgG

Western Blot IgM/IgGpatients that may have Lyme disease

Assessing T-cell response in acute or chronic Lyme patients

• More detailed information for better decisions of treatment:

Unlike the traditional enzymatic ELISPOT, our Lyme Spot utilizes two 

fluorescent colors to measure 2 cytokines at once and provide more 

detail about the antigenspecific T cells and what status a patient may be in. 

• Disease progression monitoring:

With the utilization of Interferon- γ and IL-2, we have the ability to 

monitor diseases progression from being an active infection to being 

under control and resolution of disease.

• Overnight Shipment included

We provide next day shipping to ensure that the sample is never older than 

24 hours before we test it. This is crucial because T cells do not like being outside 

of the body for longer periods of time. The sooner the test is preformed, the 

better the quality and accuracy of the results. 

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